Common Cold

The most common and most irritating problem of all. I remember a joke on this. “Cold is a kind problem which if treated will be cured in just a week, if not treated will get cured in a day;)”

It is true to some extent. However we always try to relieve ourselves temporarily from cold. Many of us do not prefer to take medicines, though they are availble in plenty in medical stores.

So here are few simple remedies

1) Boil water in a sauce pan. Switch off the stove and add good 3-4 table spoons of turmeric powder and inhale the vapour coming out of it covering yourself in a blanket. Trust me we will sweat very badly while taking the vapour. Wipe out your face and continue taking the vapour in the same fashion.Repeat this untill you sweat nicely for 2-3 times. Enjoy the relaxed feeling afterwards. This is the only remedy I follow when I get cold. It gives great relief from head ache caused because of cold.

2) If you have facial steamer at home, trust me its a boon. If you dont have one try to buy one.This is extremely useful when the nostrils block in the midnight. Fill it running water switch it on and inhale the steam coming out of it. Use any attachment of it based on your preference. It gives instant relief. Scoop out little amount of Vicks/Zandu Balm on a small cotton ball and keep it at the steam outlet. Inhale the medicated vapour for instant relief

3) Take bath with hot water and pour tolerable hot water on your back. This helps to get rid stuffy nose and throat.

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