Masinagudi – A home for jungle lovers.

Masinagudi – A home for jungle lovers.

Your search for a silent home amidst a peaceful jungle would definitely end here. This place is truly mesmerising. This was my second vacation post marriage and it was just the start of the winter. This is surely a perfect weekend gateway for newly married.

An Early Morning Scenery in Masinagudi Forest

Coming to the demographics of Masinagudi, it is approximately 250 Kms from Bangalore and the drive would take around 5 to 5.5 hrs. And something interesting about this place is that it is quite close to popular hill station Ooty.

The travel experience to Masinagudi from Bangalore is something to not to miss out. First its historical city Mysore then comes the famous pilgrim town Nanjangudu and then the famous Bandipur forest. You cannot stop yourself from peeping in between the massive trees hoping to see wild animals. I simply love this ride in this Forest.

Group of Deer’s in Bandipur Forest

Then comes Mudumalai forest which is a kind of extension of Bandipur forest but in the state of Tamil Nadu. Masinagudi is situated in this Mudumalai forest.  The flora and fauna of this Mudumalai forest is same as Bandipur. Hence a person staying in Masinagudi will get a chance to see animals like elephants, blue shiny peacocks, boars, and bison and of course deer’s that are spread everywhere. However it is best known for bird watching.

Deer’s, elephants and peacocks are quite common to be seen even the resort premises. There are quite few resorts which are deep inside the forest which are definitely worth trying. Some even offer tree top cottages and machans. I was not bold enough to try them and hence decided to stay in the resort main block. One can enjoy the surroundings in these resorts in their leisure time. I grabbed a pair of Binoculars from the resort management went on to the top of the machan cottage to get a view of birds and beautiful peacocks. I have caught a big bug on my camera which was slowly moving right in front of my room. The resort management is very cautious with the movement of wild animals and hence wouldn’t allow its patrons to wander outside after 6 PM in the evening.

A beautiful resort in the middle of the Forest
The leaves filled with rain water in the resort

There are facilities available for trekking and safari rides. There is also a forest ride offered by the forest department in Bandipur. This vehicle takes tourists inside the forest while private jeeps are allowed only on the highway.

An Old Construction found during trek
A huge Cactus Plant

The famous Kalhatty waterfall is very close by to Masinagudi. But the ghat road drive is definitely a big no for people with less experience in driving. We managed to go over there and walk towards the waterfalls was quite entertaining. Do not forget to try out the tiny Ooty carrots there.

Kalhatty Waterfalls
Ooty Carrots

And finally last but not the least this is one of the best places for those who are looking out for forest vacations combined with a pleasant weather.

And here are few tips for those who like to travel to Masinagudi

  • Plan your travel in such a way that you reach Masinagudi by 5 PM. Do not roam around after 6 in the evening
  • Make sure your feet are duly covered with socks and shoes as there would be thorns and leeches around.
  • Reserve some leisure time apart from sightseeing so that you can walk around the resort to enjoy that calm and peaceful environment.
  • Follow in the instructions displayed while driving in the forest.
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