Often people find it difficult to deal with tooth ache and tooth sensitivity. Of course there is every need to visit a dentist during such times. But it so happens that problem aggravates in the night when most of the docs would shut down their clinics. Hence it has to be health with until we go and see the dentist. Few home remedies will really aid in temporary relief for this problem

  • Dry Roast cloves, cool them and grind to coarse powder. Take some quantity of this powder and apply a layer on the affected tooth. Repeat this as many times as you want in a day

Pic 1: Cloves

Pic2: Clove Powder

  • Clove oil is easily available in the medical stores. Have a bottle of clove oil handy. Dip one ear bud into this oil and apply on the affected tooth. While doing this keep your mouth open at the sink, because the mouth secretions tend to come out. Hold this bud onto the tooth for 2-3 mins. Repeat the process for few number of times in a day.

Pic3: Clove Oil

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